Fourth Force Psychology

Bridging Psychology and Spirituality
by Rick Phillips

Why has psychology lagged behind the other sciences? Why has the development of the human heart been superseded by the fascination with the human intellect? When will our addictions and attachments be released so we might return to our creativity and all the new possibilities of human potential?

The answers to these questions are now emerging with a new psychology that is actually not so new. Rooted in ancient traditions and the perennial wisdom, the field of transpersonal psychology is rapidly replacing the old-world psychology of the mind with a psychology of the heart. This Fourth Force Psychology is strongly based on the mystical teaching that the source of all wisdom is within us. In Christianity, this is described as the Kingdom of God within you; in Buddhism, the discovery of your own true nature; in Hinduism, it is the realization of the Atman or Soul. These teachings honor and use the divinity of each human being for personal growth.

The Deva Foundation in Santa Fe, New Mexico is one organization that puts the ideals of transpersonal psychology into practice, by providing psychospiritual work for individuals and groups through the inner exploration of consciousness.

The principal is simple: spiritual energy is the most powerful healing force. This energy can quickly allow us to clear the attachments of our emotional body, that part of us that holds the imprints of the karma of the past. Karma is created by an overshadowing influence, physically or emotionally, which separates us from our true nature, or our true self. The Deva facilitator helps us explore our karmic themes and issues by taking us inside, into those energies to investigate these lessons. By becoming more conscious and listening to our inner knowing, our Higher Self, the perpetuation of patterns of unconsciousness is transformed by the spiritual energy. We then can choose to change consciously. Through the shifting to a more enlightened point of view, we provide ourselves with new freedom and a new inspiration for evolutionary change.

In order to consciously connect and communicate to our spiritual knowing, we must develop the natural ability to expand our everyday, habituated consciousness into an unbounded consciousness. These are the numerous techniques available in the field of transpersonal psychology that can be used: meditation, visualization, shamanism, yoga, past life recall, prayer, dreams, music, and on and on. The facilitator uses various techniques that are adapted to the needs of the client and supports him or her into the inner world, naturally moving deep into non-ordinary states of consciousness. With the intention of exploring the source of the client's karmic issues and challenges in life, the Higher Self emerges to guide him or her into the memories, imagery, the symbolic stories, or the metaphors that symbolically reveal, illuminate, and release energetically those very issues that have kept one trapped in suffering. The changes are then catalyzed; by the breaking of boundaries the movement is immediate. As we transcend our age-old ego boundaries, the spiritual dimension opens to us more and more. We discover that who we think we are is not who we truly are. The ego melts into the realization and integration of spirit, of Higher Self, that immortal essence of the true Self. Our experience then becomes one of letting go of the past and expanding into the spiritual present, a beautiful integration of the spiritual self into creative and joyous human life on this planet. With the opening of our Divine Heart, the radiance of our love and light then touches all aspects of "relationship" to ourselves and others. We have been waiting for this, and Deva and other transpersonal therapists and organizations are now available to provide this valuable service to our world , to us all, in order to usher us into the next step of holistic life.

It's about time that a new psychology has presented itself that can help us awaken, to heal, to carry us into new possibilities and manifest all our potentialities!

Transpersonal psychology is now the fastest growing branch of psychology and Deva Foundation is one of many organizations that are putting its ideals into practice. The practical use of the spiritual energy becomes the transforming healing force that can clear the attachments of our Emotional Body, that container of karma of the past. Since our karmic themes are essentially those lessons that we use to promote growth, the bringing into consciousness of those repeating patterns of energy allows us the opportunity of choice, rather than the perpetuation of unconscious behavior. We can choose to change and our inner knowing, the Higher Self, provides us new possibilities for the shift of our point of view, giving us new freedom and a new impetus for evolutionary change.


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